Ventplac Ltd. performs handling and storage of round timber and its products as well as other bulk cargo such as:
  • Pulp chips
  • Fuel chips
  • Peat
  • Wood bark
  • Crashed stones
  • Rape seed pellets
  • And other cargo
Equipment units:
Machinery Number Weight Load Capacity Maximum boom Lifting capacity in hook mode (with 12m boom)
Caterpillar M325D 1 36t 187hp 15,67m 6t
Caterpillar M325DL MH1 1 36t 199.9hp 15,67m 6t
Terex-Atlas 5205MI 1 52.5t 262hp 21,34m 7t
Atlas 5005MI 1 52.5t 254hp 21,34m 7t
Multidocker CH74D 1 98t 411hp 24,8m 12t
Volvo L90 1 17t 162hp - -
SIA „Ventplac”
Post address: Rūpniecības 11, Ventspils, LV-3601
Terminal: Rūpniecības 25, Ventspils, LV-3601
Unified registration No.: 40003249152
VAT No.: LV40003249152
Chairman of the Board:
Aivars Baude
Phone No.: +371 63622388